SI Offensive Cyber Security Services

“The digital world in which we all operate is constantly evolving and being "secure" as a business is not a final state to be achieved, but a practice that requires constant effort. Our offensive services are designed to help you identify key points where the largest impact on security can be made with the least amount of cost and effort. We achieve this by not only telling you what we found and how we found it in clear, easily understood terms, but by ensuring that you understand the issues and their solutions enabling you to do more than just apply a "fix".”
Technical assessment of your systems and applications allows you to gain insights into your security posture, and is critical to improving your system security, helping to ensure your organisation is ready to operate in our increasingly digital world.

SI Offensive Cyber Security Maturity ModelWe created this model as a visual illustration of the journey an organisation takes in improving their overall security posture and maturity. The purpose of the offensive model is to help CISOs and security teams to test and validate their existing practices, to make sure that they are getting the most effective results and creating the right business outcomes. The model aims to provide a guide to how offensive security practices can develop and stack over time, demonstrating what ‘good’ actually looks like, and using examples to help security leaders to self-identify where they are in their maturity journey, to start the conversation around where their next steps may be.  

Penetration Testing

The team offers world-class penetration testing services to organisations of all sizes across a range of sectors. Our team leverage their extensive knowledge of attackers' behaviours and abilities to design a test plan based on your current needs that ensures we bring value to you as a client.  

Our reports are detailed, accessible and will provide you with the insight to make immediate changes towards improving the security stance of your organisation.

  • Gain clarity on your vulnerabilities
  • Insight to make immediate changes towards improving the security stance of your organisation
  • Tailored advice on how to improve and develop your longer-term security posture as well as meeting immediate requirements
When did penetration tests stop adding value to businesses? Catch up on insights from our webinar with CISOs from Aston Martin and 118 118 Money

Red Teaming

Adversary simulation is one of the most effective tests of your organisation’s defence against cyberattack.

Our team will emulate a real-life adversary in a safe, controlled manner, using the same tools, techniques and processes to provide clarity on vulnerabilities, allowing you to plan for training and resource deployment.

  • A multidisciplinary team with deep insight into adversarial behaviours
  • Tailored advice on how to truly plan for training and resource deployment
  • Develop and improve decision making abilities
  • Remain competitive through identification of and improving on your strengths and weaknesses

Purple Teaming

Designed to maximise your organisation’s cyber capabilities through knowledge transfer and insightful, immediately actionable feedback. 

The team will help your organisation hone and develop its response to threats by working closely with your defensive teams while simulating cyber-attacks to monitor reactions and develop customised techniques and strategies to strengthen your defence against future attack.  

This is highly beneficial to companies willing to invest in expert-level learning and skills development for their team.

  • Opportunity for true collaborative learning across your team
  • Challenge and check your team's assumptions
  • Develop your response to threats with a multidisciplinary team of experts
  • Develop customised techniques and strategies to strengthen your defence and response against future attack

SI Security Assessment

The SI Security Assessment can focus on a specific area of priority, or can be a holistic overview of your security system and organisation. This will be performed by a senior consultant with a multidisciplinary background.

  • Thorough assessment of your security posture, informed by the latest cyber crime trends specific to your industry
  • Develop a road map to improve your security posture and enable you to reach your objectives more easily with effective resource deployment
  • Recommend partners where specialisms exceed our own

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