SI Defensive Cyber Security Services

“It is difficult to plan and prepare for the unexpected. New types of security-related incidents emerge frequently and cybersecurity-related attacks have become not only more numerous and diverse but also more damaging and disruptive. When the unexpected does occur, you never know what bit of data will make the difference to the investigation and overall recovery.

The forensics team have the insatiable investigative mindset and attention to detail that ensures that we have the best chance possible of finding the data the client needs. Our specialist team will assist with a wide variety of investigations, from the recovery after unforeseen events or the investigation of crimes and providing expert evidence in court.”

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics play a vital role following an incident or breach. Our expert analysis is carried out by a team drawn from all areas of the industry, including law enforcement. SI’s DFIR specialists offer a highly disciplined approach to uncovering and interpreting evidence, its validation, preservation and documentation. Our team are experienced expert witnesses and well-versed in partnering with your legal team.

  • A vital role following an incident or breach
  • Expert analysis performed by a team from law enforcement
  • Highly disciplined approach to uncovering and interpreting evidence, its validation, preservation and documentation
  • Experienced expert witness services and legal team partnerships

Incident Response Planning & Assessment

Our experts will work with you to establish your own internal defence capabilities. We’ll work with you to establish and assess key metrics such as time taken for your team’s initial response to an incident, their assessment of the risk and ejection of the threat. Secure Impact’s IR planning and assessment service will help you to reduce potential damage to your intellectual property, company time, resources and brand value, enabling you to quickly recover and resume business operations. 

  • Our DFIR experts will help develop your internal defence capabilities
  • Help maximise investments into security measures by verifying effectiveness of use and implementation
  • Measure and assess key metrics in relation to incidents, your team's assessment of the risk and ejection of the threat

Digital Footprint Service

​​Our digital footprint service allows a business, members of its C-suite, or a HNWI to understand their attack surface from a human and technical perspective. Using passive techniques only, to minimise disruption to the client, digital foot printing shows you everything a potential adversary could access and collect with the intention to then leverage against you and/or your business.

  • For HNWI, C-suite individuals or businesses in general
  • Determine your attack surface without the need for intrusion
  • Visibility of employee-borne threats
  • Protection of key stakeholders
  • Protection of physical assets

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