What we do

Every client’s needs are unique, and our services accommodate and focus on solving a spectrum of specific security challenges.

You have real security challenges which won't be solved with 'magic bullet' products, automated scans, generic, blinkered scopes nor inconsequential report. 

This is why the driving force behind each SI service is to create opportunity for shared learning and outcomes for your team and raise the level of your organisation’s security. 

We partner with organisations to provide business improvement and correct levels of risk modelling, which help security teams avert crises; reduce the impact of incidents on the defensive side; and help your team level up skills through purple teaming engagements and bespoke consultancy. 

We’ve carefully put together a cross-disciplinary team who are certified to be the best of the best, and default to a purple teaming approach to ensure any engagements you have with us are tailored toward meaningful outcomes which consider the overall maturity development of your organisation. 

Security and technology are changing at a ludicrous velocity, therefore it’s important to partner with security consultants who take time to learn your business and focus resources on the most impactful and targeted work for your specific needs.

Services we provide

Offensive Cyber Security Services

Our team will provide you with a deeper insight to your vulnerabilities and potential threats, and offer advice for immediate remediation and increased protection. Our approach will create opportunities for organisational learning and security strategy enhancement.

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Defensive Cyber Security Services

We will work with you to establish your own internal defence capabilities, including incident response planning, tabletop exercises, cyber drills and simulated incidents. After an incident or breach, our team of Digital Forensics investigators will discern the root causes and help you best present the evidence required to protect your business going forward.

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Cyber Security Consultancy

You may have bespoke requirements, an unusual security issue necessitating specific research or are looking for flexible Virtual CISO services. Whichever service you choose, we will work with you to develop skill sets and strategies to help robustly protect your organisation and enable you to achieve your unique needs and objectives.

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You can also contact us to learn how we can keep your business safe and secure

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