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Disrupting the industry with business-oriented cyber security services.

Our story

Secure Impact, founded by global cyber security expert and entrepreneur James Lyne, was created to drive real value to businesses by solving three key industry issues...

1) Security services and reports should help you drive toward business action.

Offensive and defensive services are often carried out to report a breach or risk, but fail to advise an actionable plan for the business. We will always include practical steps to create valuable change in your business, and help your teams level up their security skills.

2) To deliver business change, you need a purple team approach.

Most consultancies’ defensive and offensive service lines are isolated from one another, often working in silos.  To create organisational change, manage the right risks and emulate the right adversaries, this needs to be combined. Our cross-disciplinary team takes a purple team approach, combining the skills of our red and blue teams, to drive business change.

3) Cyber security should partner with and not be replaced by compliance.

To meet compliance requirements, teams often use tick box exercises, without taking further steps to analyse the results.  Did you really mitigate the risk to your business post penetration test? Does your team have skills to handle an incident? Compliance and security aren’t at odds, but the implementation is often un-coordinated. We'll work with your team to take a collaborative and strategic approach to compliance and security.

Secure Impact joins a wider group of successful companies owned by James Lyne, including Helical Levity, Magnetic Rock and Spinning Fox.

How can we help you?

We partner with CISOs and information security teams to help you meaningfully improve your organisation's cyber security maturity and create real business outcomes. Our consulting services include penetration testing, incident response planning, cyber drills, digital forensics, red & purple teaming, among others.  

In response to demand from clients in M&A, private equity, legal and insurance sectors, our specialist services include cyber due diligence consultancy, portfolio assessments, and expert witness and legal privilege specialisms.  

For more information about how we can work with you please contact us at hello@secure-impact.com

Why work with us?

It is more important than ever to have a security strategy in place. Our handpicked team of industry-leading experts can help your business develop the right level of security capability for your specific needs.


Our team comprise the best of the best in the industry and are true veterans. We have worked with defence, intelligence, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies on some of the world’s highest profile cases. Our cyber security experts and senior leadership have deep sector knowledge, and long-standing relationships within the industry, government, and cyber community.  

Certifications & Training

We hold a range of certifications considered to be the industry’s pinnacle of technical excellence. Our technical team hold +20 GIAC certifications and are constantly undergoing training and development via SANS courses and CREST and CHECK exams, to challenge themselves to the highest standards.

Client Service

The team will take time to understand your business and carry out the correct level of risk modelling in order to provide the most impactful solutions for genuine business improvement. They are passionate about cyber security and love the work they do, and this is reflected in the highest level of client service.

Commercial Partnership

As well as technical expertise, our team have the commercial skills needed to produce business focused analysis to drive change in the most impactful areas. We will work with you to produce commercial action-focused reports and strategy that is tailored to your business requirements.

Our values

Creating value for others

We have a high-ethics, value driven approach to our clients, suppliers and our team.

Community engagement & collaboration

It is important for us to give back to, and enrich, the community.

Technical & creative mastery

We value innovation, challenges and pushing boundaries. We're passionate about what we do and work hard to be the best we can be.


We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.

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