"Over years of offensive, defensive and recovery cyber operations I have identified two seemingly conflicting statements that hold true.

The first is that a huge percentage of what organisations need to do to be secure (the practices, learnings, policies, technologies) are astoundingly similar, and yet organisations go on journeys to reinvent solutions to known problems or threats. Despite variant threat models the core of much of cyber security is very similar, and that leaves many organisations with huge opportunities to more cost effectively and pragmatically level up.

The second is that sometimes businesses are unique and their security problems too – perhaps the right architectural approach to a new leading application, a specific threat actor targeting you, or threat modelling against ML abuses.

I love that our consultants are able to bring unique thinking, solutions and research but can also help organisations learn from the mistakes of others. They are not a standard consulting team billing hours, moving through the process – they want to help you solve security challenges."
- James Lyne, Founder
If you are seeking support, advice and services around compliance matters such as Cyber Essentials Plus, PCI DSS or NIS, our experts are here to help.

Our team also have experience solving and advising on some of the more niche cybersecurity challenges, too, therefore please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to help, or advise on trusted partners if not.

Tabletop Exercises

We can design and run hands-on exercises in real-world environments to prepare your team and wider organization to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of the world in which we all operate.

This can be a highly rewarding opportunity to involve leadership and business teams in cyber security matters, building relationships, mapping out various organisational strengths and vulnerabilities, and then testing these in one or more scenarios.

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Aimed toward executive involvement to foster buy-in and security awareness
  • Map out organisational strengths and vulnerabilities, and test these in one or more scenarios

Cyber Ranges

Based on industry or company-specific issues, threats, or vulnerabilities, we can create a controlled environment in which responses and strategies can be tested and improved upon. Usually best-focused on the security team themselves.

  • Training in an authentic but controlled environment
  • Minimise internal incidents and promote better security hygiene
  • Ideal for our larger clients with complex IT environments
  • Prepare your team to deal with ever-increasing complexity

CISO for a Day

Usually run by James Lyne, this is where we assess your organisation’s approach to security. Your risks, security investments made so far and decisions taken would be assessed by a cyber security expert, to validate, improve or reinforce various core strategies to build your company’s maturity in cyber security.

  • James Lyne as your assessor of the organisation’s approach to security
  • Validate, improve or reinforce various core strategies to build your company’s maturity in cyber security

Want to see how our Consulting Services can help your business? Contact us to learn more.

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