Cyber Security Bespoke Advisory

“Secure Impact do things very differently to the market and that's why we partner with them - we need and expect more from our security partners because of who we are and what we do. I know SI's scope will be bespoke to our risk model and that they'll deliver high impact outcomes which will move the dial on our security maturity. Being GIAC certified, I know the security staff they provide have provable expertise."

Howard Cribbs//  CIO, SANS
Our team are trusted advisors to a range of organisations, from national security organisations to multinational corporations to fast growth disruptors in the technology space.  

We enable CISOs, executive leadership boards and government agencies to leverage world class, GIAC-certified consultants with expertise from industry, government and defence in the form of bespoke advisory. We will work with you on your strategy and specific projects, and examine what others have done successfully, and what failed, with deep technical expertise to identify and advise you on the most cost effective and meaningful decisions.  

The below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the engagements we offer, however the team thrives on creating innovative solutions, so please do contact us for a discussion if you have niche security challenges not mentioned below.

National Security Organisations

Enterprise & Private Organisations 

  • CISO for a Day
  • Product Review and Recommendations 
  • Cyber Security Skills Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • SOC Build
  • Cyber Drills

Virtual CISO - FAQs

SI’s Virtual CISO (VCISO) service brings your organisation World Class strategic, technical and operational expertise and advice. Our VCISO service offers existing security leadership a truly expert pair of hands to review or help execute key projects and strategy, and act as a sounding board to support and empower your team. Our GIAC certified consultants and high calibre network of CISOs and SANS affiliates, can partner with you to meaningfully improve your long-term security posture, whilst allowing you flexibility and control over your budget.

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My budgets are already being cut in 2023 - why should I prioritise VCISO services?
When budgets are cut this is actually the perfect time to bring in a VCISO, to help you to create more streamlined and efficient processes and find savings in your tech stack. We can partner with you to review and prioritise what really matters to your business and your unique risk profile.

In which scenarios may I need a VCISO? As a CISO, would these services still be relevant to me? 
CISOs can be unaffordable to smaller businesses or those with limited security budgets, and VCISOs can be brought in for specific projects or timeframes. Alternatively, you might already have a CISO, but require specific expertise or a sounding board from experts to solve an ongoing security issue. Or your company may only need an interim VCISO to cover leave or while waiting for a CISO to join your team.

How long should a VCISO engagement last - a day, a month or a few days per quarter?  
This would depend on your cyber maturity and your organisational risk profile, but we can offer a timeframe which is bespoke to you and your budget in order to achieve your business goals.

How could a VCISO help my business?  
A VCISO can help with a wide range of services; setting or reviewing strategic direction, risk management and assessment, crisis management support, developing stakeholder relationships, making the most of a specific engagement or empowering your team through training and coaching. To read more you can download our flyer below.

Download VCISO flyer

SI SMB Security Health Check

Help secure your business with the SI Security Health Check for SMBs, a comprehensive service tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Expert consultants will work collaboratively with you and your team to develop a high-level cyber security maturity roadmap.
  • Identify “quick wins”, prioritise follow-up projects, and provide personalised recommendations for cost-effective solutions and long-term support to keep your business safe in today's digital age.
  • A more cost-effective option to reducing overall risk, tailored for growing organisations that have not yet been able to achieve high levels of cyber security maturity.

How can we help you to move the needle on your security posture? Contact us to learn more.

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