Be safer, competitive and compliant in a digital world.

Our handpicked team of industry-leading experts can help your business develop the right level of cyber security capability for your specific needs.
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The correct level of risk modelling for your specific business, combined with superior technical expertise, provides the most impactful solutions for genuine business improvement. We enable organisations to meaningfully develop their cyber maturity so that you can better protect yourself against threats you may face today, and will face in the future.

Secure Impact is founded by cyber security expert and entrepreneur James Lyne, and is part of a wider group of companies.

"Secure Impact’s technical expertise, consultative approach and commitment to providing the right level of cyber security to each client distinguishes them very clearly from the market. We’ve had excellent results and certainly improved our longer-term cyber security posture with their help, guidance, and flexibility. We’d wholly recommend Secure Impact as your partner for offensive and defensive security needs."

Rob Arnold  //  General Manager, Helical Levity

What we do

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Offensive Services
We will help you identify key areas where the largest impact on security can be made through the most efficient resource deployment. Our team will provide you with a deeper insight to your vulnerabilities and potential threats, and offer advice for immediate remediation and increased protection.
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Defensive Services
We will minimise an incident’s impact by quickly working to identify, contain and eradicate the source of the breach. After an incident or breach, our team of Digital Forensics investigators will discern the root causes and help you best present the evidence required to protect your business going forward.
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You may have compliance requirements or an unusual issue necessitating specific research. Whichever service you choose, we will work with you to develop skill sets and strategies to help robustly protect your organisation and enable you to achieve your unique needs and objectives.
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