Cyber security services which drive real business outcomes.

We don't do commoditised scans, tick box exercises, or generic reports. Instead, our GIAC-certified team will help you develop your security posture for real business improvement.
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Your security team.

In an industry that's noisy, commoditised and compliance-driven, you need cyber security partners who can add value and create real business outcomes. From penetration testing to defensive and consulting services, we promise engagements which are business-oriented, bespoke to your risk profile, and geared to achieving your security objectives. With our purple team approach, we will empower you and your team, creating shared learning outcomes and helping you to develop a roadmap to improve your cyber security maturity.

“We partnered with Secure Impact to review the software design of a complex new security product with strict requirements. Their experts quickly got to grips with our design and provided real, actionable insight from the first meeting. The review they provided was not simply a rigid, box-ticking exercise - they carefully considered the commercial reasons for our design choices, and helped us refine it to be as secure as possible. Working with Secure Impact has given us a much greater confidence in the direction we are heading with development."

Tomas Fearon //  Security & Privacy Officer, Telenor Software Lab AS

What we do

Offensive Cyber Security Services

We will help you identify key areas where the largest impact on security can be made through the most efficient resource deployment.
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Defensive Cyber Security Services

We will help you meaningfully increase your defensibility, through IR Assesssments, Tabletop Exercises, Simulated Incidents and more.
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Cyber Security Consulting

Whether you are a government or business, you may have more specific challenges where an innovative and highly capable team can help you roadmap a solution.
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Offensive Services
We will help you identify key areas where the largest impact on security can be made through the most efficient resource deployment. Our team will provide you with a deeper insight to your vulnerabilities and potential threats, and offer advice for immediate remediation and increased protection.
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Defensive Services
We will minimise an incident’s impact by quickly working to identify, contain and eradicate the source of the breach. After an incident or breach, our team of Digital Forensics investigators will discern the root causes and help you best present the evidence required to protect your business going forward.
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You may have bespoke requirements or an unusual issue necessitating specific research. Whichever service you choose, we will work with you to develop skill sets and strategies to help robustly protect your organisation and enable you to achieve your unique needs and objectives.
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For urgent incident response requests, contact us at or +44 204 5511498

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Featured Insights

January 16, 2023
#SICyberSeries - Set your team up for success in 2023
#SICyberSeries - Set your team up for success in 2023
In our weekly #SICyberSeries, the Secure Impact team will be sharing their insights into the top threats, trends, and predictions for the year ahead, to cut through the noise and provide you with top tips and strategies to improve your cyber maturity and overall security posture.
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“Secure Impact do things very differently to the market and that's why we partner with them - we need and expect more from our security partners because of who we are and what we do. I know SI's scope will be bespoke to our risk model and that they'll deliver high impact outcomes which will move the dial on our security maturity. Being GIAC certified, I know the security staff they provide have provable expertise."

Howard Cribbs//  CIO, SANS

Recent News

January 17, 2023
SI Founder James Lyne awarded the SANS Difference Makers Award at Cyber Threat 2022
We are thrilled to announce that SI Founder James Lyne has been awarded the SANS Difference Makers Award at Cyber Threat 2023 for phenomenal contributions to the global cyber security industry.
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November 22, 2022
Secure Impact to deliver innovative workshops at NCSC’s Arab International Cybersecurity Summit 2022
Secure Impact are delighted to be working with the NCSC Bahrain to offer a programme of security workshops and events at the upcoming Arab International Cybersecurity Summit 2022, including technical and executive workshops, a Capture the Flag competition and a youth-focused session.
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"We work with some of the largest companies in the UK, and we understand the impact of good partnerships. The Secure Impact team are technically excellent, easy to work with, and drive at outcomes that make a real difference for a business."

Lynn Morgan //  Head of Customer Experience, Tela

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