June 13, 2022
The 6 critical aspects of incident response - what works and what makes breaches worse
"These are the practical steps that you can apply now to make sure you limit damage to your reputation and achieve the best outcome with regulators. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the house is on fire!” James Lyne

Incident response is about limiting the bleeding and stopping it, using the right practices in a calm and methodical approach to stop the attacker, and limiting your exposure. Building great resilience to protect your reputation when faced with a breach will involve a clear and well-practiced incident response plan, technical competence and working with legal counsel to manage your process of discoverability. Many teams have a policy in place, but has it been practiced recently? Have all relevant team members been included in the simulation? Are you inviting legal and regulatory risks through your current security practices?

This e-book, put together by both technical and legal experts from Secure Impact and DWF, answers these concerns and provides practical strategies that you can (and should!) implement now. Take proactive action now – don’t wait until you’re faced with a breach!

Download your copy now by completing the form below and learn the 6 critical aspects of incident response: 

  1. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Get to know your allies.
  3. Technical considerations.
  4. Manage your legal & regulatory risk.
  5. Protect your reputation through clear communications.
  6. Don’t make the mistake of doing procurement during a breach!

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