December 1, 2021
The CISO’s guide to powerful purple teaming - collaborative Red & Blue team security strategy
We see the term ‘purple teaming’ being used increasingly frequently, but let’s remind ourselves of the real problem it’s looking to solve, and the possible successful outcomes for your business and cyber security team.

Purple teaming aims to fix the interaction dynamic between your red and blue security teams and create shared learning outcomes, realising the true potential capabilities of your security function. Purple teaming done well can go someway to mitigate business risk through the creation of a cross-functional team with joint incentivisation.

As it stands for most companies, red and blue teams operate on opposite ends of the cyber security spectrum. Whilst they have their own unique set of invaluable skills, for a business to be truly competitive and secure these two teams must work together, keeping each other honest through collaboration and communication.

So why is this so valuable?

Experts in defence are unlikely to have the offensive mind set of a hostile attacker, while an experienced offensive team member may lack deep knowledge of how defensive technologies work. However, combined, your business can benefit from the complete spectrum of expertise, eventually seeing your blue team volunteering preventative rather than responsive measures, and your red team understanding better what is being monitored and becoming more creative with vectors used.

The value gained from this approach includes a stronger security team, robust cyber security strategies, a more competitive business, and the potential to save millions in lost revenue due to cyber-attacks.

What’s included in the e-book?  

To create these successful outcomes for your business, we've put together the CISO’s guide to powerful purple teaming to discuss:

  • Purple teaming strategies;
  • Set up and process options;
  • The pros and cons of internal and external purple teaming;
  • Our top tips for CISOs.

Download your copy of the CISOs guide to powerful purple teaming e-book

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