November 22, 2022
Secure Impact to deliver innovative workshops at NCSC’s Arab International Cybersecurity Summit 2022

Secure Impact are delighted to be working with the NCSC Bahrain to offer a programme of security workshops and events at the upcoming Arab International Cybersecurity Summit 2022, including technical and executive workshops, a Capture the Flag competition and a youth-focused session.

Taking place from 6th to 8th December this year at Exhibition World Bahrain, AICS promises to be a groundbreaking and highly innovative event. In collaboration with the NCSC Bahrain, the Secure Impact team and SANS Institute have developed an exciting programme for attendees including a Capture the Flag competition, and hands-on technical and executive workshops. The technical workshops promise attendees challenging and fun exercises to develop their cyber security skills, and exposure to bleeding-edge techniques and tactics for practical business application, while the executive workshops are VIP-focused, engaging senior leaders in critical decision-making processes.

In today’s virtually connected age, the conference is a chance to connect with the cyber security community, raise awareness of the importance of cyber security, and to develop and practice critical skills alongside peers for immediate learning outcomes.  

Technical Workshops: Simulated Incident, Live Demo & Tabletop sessions

From Optus to Uber, we’ve continued to see the impact of cyber-attacks in 2022 and the resulting cost in time, revenue, and reputation. The goal of these technical workshops is to take proactive action now to develop the skills your team needs, rather than waiting until you’re faced with a breach.  

As part of the Simulated Incident, attendees will participate in the handling of an incident as it unfolds in real time, giving invaluable insight into the choices involved and the direct impact these decisions can have as the scenario unfolds. The Tabletop session will also be based around a real-world scenario, however in this workshop attendees will need to conduct a review into whether any theft has taken place surrounding intellectual property or customer data. These scenarios could occur in any and all businesses, so are both certainly valuable for incident responders, security managers and forensic analysts to attend.  

During the Live Demo, attendees will learn about modern techniques for conducting memory forensics using MemProcFS, and how the tool can be used to enhance analysis. The session will highlight the advantages of being able to leverage the tool’s rapid performance, with a number of practical use cases explored that highlight its relevance for memory forensics and malware analysis.

“We all know that it’s a matter of when, not if, your business is going to be faced with a breach, so these workshops are important to attend to put your business in the best position to succeed. Everyone attending these sessions will have the opportunity to broaden and test their technical skills as they aim to manage and remediate incidents!” Michael Pantridge, Senior Security Consultant at Secure Impact  

Capture the Flag competition

Led by Secure Impact & SANS, the Capture the Flag competition will take place on 6th December in the Hack Arena on the exhibition floor, and will see teams racing against the clock to complete over 125 multi-disciplinary cyber security challenges, ranging from forensic analysis of artefacts, investigating suspicious network traffic, tackling cryptographic puzzles and deploying offensive techniques.

“This competition promises to be exciting and fast paced! Attendees will be working together in teams of 5 to develop their ethical cyber hacking skills – skills which are key to businesses looking to protect themselves against the ever-changing threat landscape.” Tom Fawcus-Gibbs, VP of Technology at Secure Impact  

Executive Workshops: Tabletop & Roundtable

The executive stream will be led by globally renowned cyber security expert, James Lyne. This is an accelerated programme designed to enhance awareness of the most critical decisions a senior security leader will likely be faced with, within a cyber security context. The goal is to work with senior executives to develop the decision-making structure within their respective organisations and to build a roadmap to increasing their cyber maturity.  

“We are excited to be collaborating with the NCSC Bahrain at this prestigious event and commend the NCSC’s focus on offering sessions such as these to provide executives and VIPs with learning outcomes and actionable takeaways for how security can be applied to achieve business outcomes and mitigate business risk. Delivered by James Lyne, this workshop is an opportunity to learn from the best!” Giorgia Cacace, General Manager at Secure Impact  

Youth Stream: CyberStart session

Focused on engaging and encouraging individuals new to cyber security, a CyberStart session will be available to all who want to gain hands-on time with the tools and techniques used by cyber security professionals in a safe environment. CyberStart is an interactive, realistic and ethical hacking platform, where attendees can solve fun hacking puzzles while building stronger awareness of the implications that cyber security has on day-to-day life. This promises to be a fascinating session to inspire those who envision a future career in the world of cyber security.  

For more information and to register for the conference visit the AICS website.

We'll be on-site at the conference and if you'd like to organise a meeting in advance please get in touch!

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