SI Insights

Our experts share insights into risks, threats and trends in the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

Cyber due diligence

James Lyne discusses why cyber security due diligence is an essential part of the merger & acquisition process.

Cyber security purple teaming

To deliver business change, you need a purple team approach. Most consultancies’ defensive and offensive service lines are isolated from one another, often working in silos. To create organisational change, manage the right risks and emulate the right adversaries, this needs to be combined. Our cross-disciplinary team takes a purple team approach, combining the skills of our red and blue teams, to drive business change.

Secure Impact - Setting a new industry standard in cyber security services

James Lyne and Giorgia Cacace discuss why Secure Impact was set up, including key challenges in the industry, and their vision for the future. Geared towards real business outcomes, we want to set a new bar in the industry for how security organisations engage with businesses.

Founder, James Lyne, introduces Secure Impact

James Lyne, our founder, provides insight to our team's purpose and drivers, and what we do differently that enables organisations to be safe, competitive and compliant today and in the future.

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