The SI defensive cyber security maturity model
November 2, 2023
The SI Defensive Cyber Security Maturity Model
“Security teams are facing a huge list of external threats and global pressures, all in the context of budget cuts, a skills shortage and an increasingly stressed workforce. It’s impossible to try and protect your business against the entire threat landscape, so we hope this model will allow you to take a step back and have an honest conversation with your team, to identify where your next step should be in developing your defensive cyber maturity, and to help you to make meaningful change to your security posture.” James Lyne

What is the model and how can it help you?

The SI Defensive Cyber Maturity Model is the product of roundtables, consultations, engagements and webinars with CISOs, global security leaders, our own team, and world leading researchers and consultants. At the heart of the model is our desire to help companies establish a strong foundation for cyber defence, that yields an immediate uplift in defensive capability and serves as a platform upon which subsequent and more sophisticated layers can be built.

Quick wins and practical insights are helpful, but without a comprehensive and strategic approach, they will only ever create brief success. Instead, companies can be empowered through a standing adoption of our framework, where the graduated rise from foundational through to advanced stages of a mature defensive strategy, provides clear signposts to help an organisation on its journey.

Our team of world-class GIAC-certified practitioners have developed the SI Defensive Cyber Maturity Model based on their own years of experience in the field. They have worked with hundreds of organisations to understand how controls work in practice in their unique environments, how hard they are to deploy, what the signs of maturity are, and where investment should (and shouldn’t) be made.

This e-book will provide a guide to the four levels of the model, with useful tips and examples to help you identify where you are in your cyber maturity journey so that you can take the crucial next steps to better prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats and business risks you face.

Download your copy of the SI Defensive Security Maturity Model to get practical expert advice for your security team

For a further discussion about how the model could be applied to add value to your organisation please do get in touch. We also welcome all feedback!

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