July 17, 2023
Secure Impact & Grey Matter announce new partnership

Secure Impact & Grey Matter have today announced their new partnership.  

The partnership between cloud service provider Grey Matter, and Secure Impact, who provide bespoke and impactful cyber security services, has created a powerful new offering for clients.

In a noisy industry, it is often challenging and time consuming for security teams to identify vendors that will actually make a meaningful difference to their business. This new partnership aims to provide a solution, giving security leaders access to services via a ‘one stop shop’ through an existing trusted advisor, and enabling deeper client relationships. Organisations will have access to a team of global experts who take time and care to understand your business, and a better industry standard of penetration testing and other consultancy services, meaning overall better protection from cyber criminals and the rapidly changing threat landscape.  

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Grey Matter. We both strive for excellence in our offerings to clients and want to help organisations to make real change in their security posture, rather than just ticking a box. This partnership should help businesses by taking the guess work out of choosing a cyber vendor, providing access to a team of GIAC certified experts who are trusted by the Grey Matter team and will be able to hit the ground running.” James Lyne, Founder at Secure Impact 

“Grey Matter is delighted to be chosen as Secure Impact’s first partner. Their services fit nicely into our cyber security offering so that our clients can have peace of mind that they have everything in place to ensure they’re as secure from cyber threats as possible. Secure Impact offers the same customer experience we do, they believe in a continued service and ongoing conversation about a business' security conversation” Scott Harrison, Cyber Security Solutions Specialist, Grey Matter.

For more information please contact the Secure Impact team, or alternatively your current Grey Matter account manager.

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