Adding value to our clients

We know how important it is to be able to have complete visibility of your offensive and defensive cyber security projects. We have created a secure and personalised client portal that will give you access to all information relating to your company projects in real time. All clients who work with Secure Impact will be given access to the dashboard to increase transparency and create  streamlined communications.
The Secure Impact dashboard

How will this dashboard help you?

Tracking progress

Giving you oversight of your project at all times.

Vulnerability assessment alerts

All alerts are displayed using a Red, Amber, Green system to indicate priority level.

Historical data

All previous projects are stored within the platform to provide continuity in our client relationships.

Protected access

Only one company admin can be given access to the platform, and only they are able to add trusted accounts.

Encrypted communication

We provide an encrypted chat function within the platform. Clients can use this feature to open tickets with the Secure Impact team at any point in the process. This is increasingly important if company systems have been breached and you are unable to use your company infrastructure.

Secure uploads

A secure platform to upload, store and export all relevant documentation, including legal contracts. By keeping all documents in one place we have created a more efficient case management system and removed the need for additional transfer platforms.

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