August 31, 2022
Webinar recording: The offensive cyber security maturity model: mapping your journey to greater resilience
In this webinar, our panel of experts from Intelliflo, SANS and Secure Impact discussed the SI offensive cyber maturity model, and how can it be leveraged to improve your cyber maturity and overall security posture.

Is an annual penetration test enough to achieve my security goals now and in the future? How can I be more strategic in improving in my organisation's cyber maturity? What should my next step be in protecting my business from hackers, and am I missing some key tricks?

These are some of the questions this webinar aims to answer!

When it comes to offensive cyber security, many teams tend to focus on a singular test – one pen test a year for example, or an annual security assessment. Is this really enough to improve your security maturity posture? We think not, which is why we’ve spent time gathering insights from our clients, engagements and experts across the globe to create a consensus based, more holistic approach, the offensive cyber security maturity model.

In this webinar, our panel of experts from Intelliflo, SANS and Secure Impact discussed:

  • What is the offensive cyber maturity model and how can it be leveraged it to move the dial on your security posture?
  • How can you utilise this tool within your own business to create your own bespoke roadmap?
  • How can you use the model to achieve greater insights and further buy-in from stakeholders?
  • How does the blue team fit into the offensive maturity model? 

Our Panel

  • John Rouffas - CISO at Intelliflo
  • Tyler Lowery - Global Information Security Manager at SANS Institute
  • James Lyne - Founder at Secure Impact
  • Ben Sandison - Principal Security Consultant at Secure Impact
  • Giorgia Cacace (moderator) - General Manager at Secure Impact

If you have any questions please contact Victoria at

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