February 22, 2022
The CISO roundtable report: Bridging the gap between security and business
This report contains insights from some of UK's leading security leaders, including metrics to use when talking to the board, advice around the best version of an ICO investigation, concerns surrounding penetration testing and the importance of communication in the role of a CISO.

This February, we hosted our first CISO roundtable event, moderated by Secure Impact founder James Lyne. We welcomed some of the UK’s leading cyber security executives, leading to a rich, honest and constructive conversation around the challenges they face within their security function.  

What’s included in the report?  

Following on from this we have produced a follow up report, and, although it would be impossible to include all of the points discussed, we have summarised the discussion within four main themes:  

  • How to win friends and influence people;  
  • Speak the C-suite language with metrics that matter;
  • The inconsequential endeavour of penetration testing;  
  • The best version of an ICO investigation.

“As security leaders, engagement with the business, communication, and a relentless approach to self-reflection on our measurements, investments and team capabilities is key to success. I was delighted to see sharing between the leaders in the room, and the potential for cross functional legal, technical, security and leadership teams to better manage security is vast. My biggest take away is there are parts of the industry where security has become a race to the bottom, not a strategic partner or roadmap to improvement, and that is something I want to focus on in 2022.” James Lyne, Founder.

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