May 19, 2022
Webinar: When did penetration tests stop adding value to businesses? How and why the industry needs to change.

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Date: Thursday 9 June 2022

Time: 16.00 - 17.00 BST

Our panel:

  • James Lyne - Founder of Secure Impact and CTO at SANS.
  • Robin Smith - Head of Cyber and Information Security at Aston Martin.
  • Matthew Bryant - CISO at 118 118 Money. 
  • Giorgia Cacace - General Manager at Secure Impact. (Moderator)

For many CISOs and security leaders, a penetration test has become the same report year-on-year without any clear road map for practical change. There is a clear level of frustration within the industry at the lack of commercial advice that many penetration testing suppliers provide, instead offering compliance-led, generic, tick box exercises in place of services which genuinely improve a business’s cyber maturity.

There is clearly demand for security services that actually drive business value – so how can we get there? Join our panel as they discuss the challenges faced by so many CISOs, as well as solutions and alternative approaches.

This webinar is for you if you've ever wondered why your penetration test isn't actually helping you to solve your security issues, and you want to discover an alternative approach that provides real business impact.

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Click here to view the recording

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