March 25, 2022
Webinar: The 5 biggest mistakes businesses make before, during and after a breach

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We’re looking forward to sharing fascinating insights to the major incident response mistakes we see companies make which cost them dearly, financially and in reputation. This hour will be full of practical advice and war stories which directly benefit CISOs and security professionals.

When faced with a cyber incident, even CISOs and security leaders with mature security capabilities can make costly mistakes – in preparation, handling the incident and the follow up review process.  

Our panel, made up of both legal and technical cyber security experts, will share their experience of the worst breaches they’ve seen, and outline some of the key mistakes that are frequently made by organisations.  

Sometimes the actions taken in relation to a breach can increase legal and regulatory risk and we'll discuss how to avoid this.

Focusing purely on examples and practical advice, our goal is to highlight top mistakes so that you can avoid making the same  - you won’t be hearing any “magic product” pitches here!

This webinar is for you if you've ever wondered if your incident response strategy is robust enough, and want to understand how to best minimise legal and regulatory risks in relation to a breach.

The panel

Click here to view the recording

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